The Wonders of A Backpack


A stoney path amongst trees. At the top of a hill is a female jumping into the air with her arms and legs playfully flung in the air.  the woman has a backpack on.  Text reads, "The Wonders of A Backpack. The Encouragers Life."

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As I rolled around my back garden, developing games with my child, I never could have predicted the depth they would also bring to my walk through life.


My story of Hip Hooray and Robot Ray sailing the sea only to be eaten by a whale, involves, in every moment, the backpack that Hip carries with her on their journey.


Even though he has grown up.

My child and I still play the game.

We still sing the song.

We still talk about the story.

And most recently the backpack has become a focus of our deeper discussions.


I was surprised and humbled that God had made His way into a funny song and story.

Making me see that He is part of the story.


In the book, the backpack is something they open up when they face troubles.

The backpack is something they carry wherever they go.

They rely on the backpack always.

Much like how Christians rely on God.


“Who [God], does great things, and unsearchable,

Marvelous things without number.”

JOB 5v9


As we face troubles we are faced with a choice.

Just like Hip and Ray.

We can rely on ourselves.

Or partner with something that is unexplainable.


Much like a backpack that glows and helps you solve problems if I am honest.

You don’t get them at the store.


We are likely to never know the depths of God.

How He came to be.

Why He chose us.

Why He made us in our varying forms.

And I could go on.


We may not be able to answer the whys successfully but we are able to carry Him in to happy and horrible moments with us.

To witness and withstand with us, the things that come against us.

The miracles in life that still go on to this day.


I have been in rooms where bones click back in to place.

I have seen things that cannot be explained.

And I have witnessed marvelous things done by the Divine in a room full of humankind.


“Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

MATTHEW 11v29-30


Christianity for me has been made up of times that were both easy and tough.

As my perspective changed.

As life threw new hurdles.

It has proven to me that a Christian life can be both sweet and sour.

Proving that it is, at least, full of flavour.


When Jesus says that His yoke is light, I can remember moments when it felt anything but light.

Until Hip and Ray came along and then I saw that scripture from a different angle.


I realised I was able to choose to carry Him.

I could choose to remember Him.

I could choose to walk with Him.

Have adventures with Him.

And solve problems with Him.


Or I could leave Him at home.

In the car.

Or in my locker.


As my child and I talked about God as I drove, we reflected on how we have been designed by God to be capable to overcome every obstacle in life with His help.  We simply have to ask for help, guidance and muster the courage to do the things that seem impossible to us.

And the backpack showed me the depths of that truth.


The backpack in, “Hip Hooray and Robot Ray Go Sailing,” lit up anytime they faced an issue.

It called to them to come and seek help.

Much like Jesus.


“My help comes from the Lord,

Who made heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to be moved;

He who keeps you will not slumber.”

PSALM 121v2-4


The backpack wouldn’t step in to solve the problem.

It wouldn’t take over.

It was right there with them.

It partnered with Hip and Ray to overcome obstacles and danger.

It took a union of the impossible made possible and a person faithful tapping in to the extraordinary, to undo the issue faced.

Proving that Jesus wants us to feel empowered.


God showed me that I can carry Him everywhere.

I can give Him things to carry.

I can give Him things to keep safe.


He showed me that there is something more that comes with a life where He is part of the story.

He makes a way where there is no light.

He helps us see problems and help others.

He shows us how to escape dangers, staying with us in our darkest moments before we can escape.


He has given us everything we need by coming together in this thing called life.

We may not feel like we are ever full equipped but the truth is we are designed by a creator that knows every demon, every temptation, every wrong turn and every delight we will face. 


God does not make people who are week.

If He did He would never have given us free will.


He knows that we can carry Him because He doesn’t want to make life hard.

He wants us to carry Him so He can be a support.


He is our backpack.




Giving us space and chances to partner with Him in trails and opportunities.

But we get to choose to carry Him with us.


Book details

Title: Hip Hooray and Robot Ray Go Sailing

Author: J Bingham

Genre: Children

Description: Join Hip Hooray and her Robot Ray on an adventure sailing on the sea.  See them get in to a couple of sticky situations, but don't worry! With the help of Hip's magical backpack, that I have not discovered is more divine than magical, and her faithful friend Ray, they are able to rescue themselves and help someone along the way.

Available as-




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 Article written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2023

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