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Below is a list of resources that are exclusive to the members.  The resources are created by our contributor(s).

Listen to vulnerable stories from founder Jacqueline Bingham which she tells to encourage and stir up readers.  Topics include self-harm, illness, friendship, heart-ache, promise, purpose and new beginnings.  Sign up using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Going after your goals can be exciting but it can also be overwhelming.  This resource gives readers a simple and  practical steps to help set ourselves up for success.  You can get you copy by signing up for the mailing list below.

All the resources come in a pdf file to enable software to verify that it is indeed safe to open and are subject to copyright.

You can request a certain freebie first if you would like.  Just mention that in your message, but all will be sent through to you over a period of time.  This is to avoid you feeling like its too much at once.

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