You Have More to Offer Than You Know


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Some of us search.

We long for the moment when the calm will wash over us.

The a-ha moment.

The moment when everything clicks.

However, years go by and the pangs within us never fade.

We never feel like we made it.

We never feel like we can relax.

Instead we feel unworthy.

We feel as though he aren't good enough.

Smart enough.

Good looking enough.

Well dressed enough.

In a world that is fast paced, it can feel as though we are always chasing something.

The dream.

The goal.

The qualification.

The job.

We say to ourselves, "If I can only get this, then I will feel secure.  I will know that I am good enough.  I will feel like I have finally arrived."

And then we get there and its anti-climactic, because we are still us with that qualification charged with sustaining that dream, goal or job.  The pressure never leaves.

And for those whose lives take twists and turns.

Where reinvention is a melting pot of work experience and service and the unthought-of reality that pops up in our journey.

It's the surprise termination of a job.

It's the unexpected passing of a loved one.

It's the plan not coming in to fruition.

Whether your life has followed a step by step path, or you have navigated mountains and valleys which have got you this far, it is easy to be exhausted.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed.




I want us to take time to really read the next few lines.

I want you to have the opportunity to ponder them.

You are important.

Don't shy away from the truth that you know.

You have been gifted with skills.


A certain personality.

Sometimes you may not understand yourself.

But that is because we are still growing.

Months or years down the line who you are now, what you do now, will all make sense.

We will forever adapt, change and evolve because that is what we are meant to do.

That is how we are designed to be.

You have more to offer than you know.

Repeat that with me.

You have more to offer than you know.

If you sit in some environments and feel less than, you wont feel that way forever if you believe in yourself.

Maybe you will have to change your environment.

Or maybe you will have to trust yourself that you have what it takes, laying hold of your destiny.

For some of us it isn't easy to believe that we are created for something more.

It can be hard to silence the voice that tears us down from the inside out.

But the truth is permission to draw a line.

It is the power to walk forward scared but with courage.

It is the humility to listen to others in case there is a better way and being nimble to adapt.

It is the deep down feeling of your calling.

It is the determination to make promises to yourself and follow through.

All of which already exists inside you.

Don't give up.

Don't give up on you.

Each of us was born to make an impact.

We are not a mistakes.

We are not meant to live run of the mill lives.

We are meant to have and bring joy.

We are meant to have and bring kindness.

We are meant to be.

Take note of the things that get you excited.

Develop them in to skills.

If you see a course you would like to take, then do or find a way to teach yourself.

Stretch yourself in directions that will invest in you.

Make memories.

Do amazing things.

Go after worthwhile dreams.

Be you.

And release all the good within you.

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 Article written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2023

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