When Will I Feel Ready?


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As the dog toddled beside me sniffing every scent, smell or gross thing that he could find all I could think about was the feeling I had.
I thought about this often on our walks.
About how I wasn't where I needed or wanted to be.

I thought about all the hills I would have to climb to get there.

All the mountains in the way.
All the things I didn't know.
The skills I don't yet have.

And the overwhelm of 'cluelessness,' would come meaning by the time I would return home I would be returning to life feeling like those mountains where higher, those hills were steeper and the skills I would have to learn were impossible for my brain to comprehend.

I loathed feeling that way.
Because the fact is I am a hard worker.
I accomplish in the face of my limitations.
I am like a Jack Russell pup who refuses to give up the toy.
I am relentless.
Yet adorable.

But I also get tired.
Just like everyone else.

We are human.
And that is both wonderful and a pain in the butt.

We succeed but we also fall.

There is an illusion that has came from an unknown source.
Social media?
Nobody knows but it is something that I have fallen victim to.

It is the illusion of having to know what you are doing completely.

When we think about our investment into things that interest, empower and excite us we have to also come with the reality that we will never know everything.

The blessing is that we know what we know, what we experience and the vision for change or disruption within that field that is either shared with a community or is individualistic and will change lives in astronomical ways.

The reality may be that you have a vision for change in our justice system and you will learn skills as you go but you have that thing within you to step up and do.

You may have a vision for change in our young people and opportunities you will learn how to support different kids as you go but you have that passion to stand with them in their future.

Each reality is based on connection, learning the ropes and having determination to put in the work.

Life is our training ground.

Just when you think you have it mastered because you made it across that obstacle, then another learning opportunity presents itself.

The truth is we will never know everything.
But we can always be open to learning something new.

We want to feel ready.
We want to feel stable.
All because we want to invest without hesitation.

We don't want to worry every time we move.
We don't want to doubt ourselves.

Because it's uncomfortable.

We want to walk into rooms feeling secure in what we have to offer, (By the by, if you have been invited in to those rooms, it is a clear indication that you are meant and have earned the right to be there. Don't discount what does your character and mission have opened for you).

And you lose time second guessing everything.

But we are allowed to make a move and say to ourselves, "nope, that's not a fit."

We are allowed to recalculate our journey.

People may scratch their heads.
They may even say a few choice words.
But being true to the process is important.

You learn more when you fall than when you succeed.

Hitting bumps along the way to success gives us value.
It births grit.
It builds character.
And it often hurts, which builds gratitude.

When you wonder if you can remember I am right along with you.

We stand side by side.
Encouraging each other to trust in our design.
In our skill set.
In our determination.

In the passion we feel for the dream and change we desire.

We will never feel ready.
We will never be ready.
But we are able, willing and determined to take things step by step.

Trail by trail.
Victory by victory.
And one day we will reach out finish line and wonder how we ever made it to our goal.

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 Article written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2023

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