Book Buddy

Need a Ghostwriter or Co-Author?

Then we can help with our Book Buddy Program.

'Book Buddy,' offers support for the young or the mature whether they are writing for pleasure or to design a career. (My youngest client, so far, was 7 years old!) 

Submit your idea.

Spend some time with the your writer.

And let them bring your story to life.

Ghostwriting Pricelist

As of 09/09/22 the pricing is; 

Children's literature/Picture Book £500

Young adult/ Teens literature £1200

Fiction, Action & Adventure, Fantasy £2000

Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance £2000

Self- Help, Historical Fiction, Thriller £2000

( Payment plan, other projects and additional genres available upon request)

Important Info

You will own 100% of the manuscript upon completion of the work and payment.

We do not guarantee publishing.

We do not provide art work.

Clients are forwarded work in stages to engage and show the development of the story.

The ghostwriters name doesn't need to be mentioned when you publish and all confidentiality is upheld.

The Encouragers Life would love to support the creation by spot lighting it on our socials, but this can be opted out if the clients prefers.

"But I don't need a ghostwriter?"

Need some help developing your book but you want to write it yourself?

No problem.  

Say hi in the contact form or email us to let me know exactly what you need, and we can work out an arrangement bespoke to you.

The Legal Stuff

The process can take up to 9 - 12 months, although the Book Buddy program has completed projects faster, but it does depend on the project and work load at the time.

Extra time will be required to do final editing for your piece.   

Only two rounds of editing are allowed.  Being an author myself I know the peril of the forever editing stage.  Having two creates focus and urgency, helping the book reach its finish earlier.

The first edit can take place up to 3 months after the completed manuscript.  The second up to 3 months after the first round.  

In exceptional circumstances, (like wishing to make major changes), and more editing is required we can look at the amount of hours that will be needed to complete, price the workload and give you the amount.  Monies will have to be paid up front.

Organisations, charities and individuals are welcome.

No refunds unfortunately once work has begun.  This is because the writer will be dedicating their time to the project and it is only right that their pay be honoured.  

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the story is unfolding how they like and to make adjusts during the process.

No abuse will be tolerated.  We want people with a story to tell or a wonderful imagination to get their adventures on paper and eventually in book form.  Clients will be treated with dignity and we ask that that is reciprocated.

If you would like more information you can email for a list of terms and conditions with no obligation.  Let us know a little about what you are aspiring to create for yourself or for your organisation.

You can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

N.B. Please note that everyone is automatically enrolled in to the mailing this upon contact.  If you don't want to be on the mailing list just let me know.

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