Breaking into Our Dreams

Perched Eagle on a tree with no leaves.  Blue background with the words 2Breaking In to Our Dreams"

I have been in the stage of my journey, were I have been questioning a lot.

"Am I able to do this?

Look at those other people crushing it, what am I doing?

Will this work out?"

and so on and so on.

The thing with being an encourager is that people presume that you have it all together. 

That you know how to rise above every circumstance.  

That you have a fix for every situation.

That you are there to shoulder others and that we have mastered your own, 'deepest and darkest.'

The fact is, I need the words that come through me as much as those you who are reading these pages.

I struggle and have struggled.

And I am glad for it.

Because then I know how others feel.

And our experiences make us powerful.

It allows us to remind others of the capabilities inside them.

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I know who I am.

I have spent decades developing that knowledge.

I know what I am called to do and nothing will stop me living that dream.

However it doesn't mean I don't struggle.

It doesn't mean I don't hurt.

It doesn't mean I don't ask God, 'What is going on?'

I have to continually say, 'yes,' to a dream.

I have to remind myself, why I am on the path I am.

And take one step at a time.

When times get tough the Eagle often pops into my head.  Not the typical thoughts of the soaring, diving and gliding mastery.  My mind goes to the nest.

I think of the baby bird.  

Tapping, mining and wrestling its way through the shell to life.  

They say that the baby bird can't receive any help when breaking away from the egg.  

That's because, the effort the bird goes through to break apart the shell, in fact means its beak goes through its final developmental stages so the animal can hunt and provide for itself.

I am like a baby eagle. 

We are all like baby eagles.  

Each day we tap, tap tap.

Mine, mine, mine.

Wrestle, wrestle wrestle.

And help would be so appreciated.

But instead.

We are watched.

Each crack that appears brings excitement to the one watching.

But they don't help.

They can't.

Why? Because we are going through our final developmental stage before being released in to the world.  All they can do is watch over us as we transform, so we will be able to grow in the future, to continue a legacy or start a new one.

Just because we have to do some things alone doesn't mean we are alone.  

Whether we can see it or not, we have someone that is affected by every step we make towards breaking free from our egg.  There is someone who responds to every crack we successfully make.  Someone that has went before us and can create a space so we can become what and who we are meant to be.

If you are struggling right now?

If you are overwhelmed?

If you are stressed?

It is all part of you developing what you need.

It is tough.

I know that.

Even with support it can feel lonely and suffocating.

It's good in these moments to remember we can choose to tap.

We can choose to mine.

We can choose to wrestle.

And we can choose to rest for a bit.

The egg is meant to break.

We are meant to develop.

And once we break through, a whole new world awaits.

Tap away baby bird.

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 Article written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2022

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