Pay It Forward Program


From doing several visits and sessions, my heart breaks when I see a child unable to take a book home with them simply because they cant afford it.

I have experienced poverty first hand in my past.
Because I have lived it, I understand that feeling of standing in a room and realising the simplest thing is off limits to me.

And I never want anyone to feel that.

So launching the Pay it Forward is extremely close to my heart.

The Pay It Forward Program is so anyone can donate whatever they would like so that we can put a free book or provide a free session to those people, organisations, schools, or charities that can't afford it.

You can be as involved as you wish.

You can nominate and provide the address of the person or group you wish your donation to go to, (Make sure I don't need a jet to get there).

Or you can let us find someone and gift them in the moment.

You can put in any amount or you can give a dedicated figure.
£7.99 will buy a book for a child.
£20.00 will provide petrol to deliver a session to school, group or charity in Northern Ireland.

To donate I have set up a PayPal account to keep everyone safe.

Please use the QR Code below which everyone has used previously and had no issues with.

Important Information:
Please be careful to make sure that it is me.  
I cannot be held responsible if the money is put into someone else's account by accident. 

The fund provision you make is non-refundable.  
Please be aware that my account may not allow me to message you to thank you.

I will never, ever ask you to send me money.
Please be aware of scammers.
If I ask you for money, it is not me!

Please report to me any problems so I can remove the QR code below and review options to protect others.

You are my priority.

Do feel free to connect with me via email or on social media to enquire more information.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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