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Becoming Woman

For all of my life I have not been the ‘average,’ woman.  To each person that may mean something different so, I would like to clarify my perspective.   When I was growing up I thought womanhood was about; Dolls Having boyfriends or male admirers Gentleness Quietness Fertility Being good at stuff but not sharing about it. Knowing how to dress Knowing how to style my hair and do the whole makeup thing   And I didn’t fit.   I hated dolls and they still creep me out a little bit.   I was often mistaken for a boy because I was always covered in nature or doing, ‘boy activities.’   In fact I have often worked in male dominated environments.   Environments that woman are a rarity. This didn’t allow boys to find me datable or attractive and I became a, ‘good time girl,’ rather than girlfriend material.   And the worst thing was, I let them.   I wanted to be loved and adored but I met men that preyed on that desperation.   And any good guy that came along I foun

Just Checking

Summer holidays usually means having to think on our feet to entertain the little ones in our lives. Since we no longer foster, my little one is a typical single child, needing entertainment when he runs out of things to entertain himself with. And, because I like to be resourceful, I research, 'free-fun,' activities like drop-ins and summer schemes through local organisations and churches in my area. Although, it is great that he gets to spend time with new faces, make new friends, be in a Christian environment for the most part and even see some known friends, I have come to realise that the leaders may operate with differing theologies than mine.   I don't shy away from the - sin verses righteous living- that older churches use as their corner stones but as the discussions in our house have been focused on what he is doing outside the home, my ears have been pricked to a few thoughts that he has shared. Thoughts that I have wanted to clear up and set straight with my chi