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Come As You Are

  From my days as a youth worker I remember one particular night when the conversation went to Christianity. There was a great atmosphere that night. The usual group of guys were in and playing pool became the center focus. We laughed, played and chatted over their day and plans. One lad piped up and said, ‘I don’t think that I could become a Christian right now. I will just make too many mistakes. I just know I couldn’t do it. So I will wait and hopefully I will be able to be one when I am older.’ When I look back at the conversation it hurts. The boy hasn’t become a Christian and I  feel, it’s a testimony of a living a half life.  Its an example of having something inside you, call out, but yet you feel you aren’t worthy or capable of answering it. Therefore it simply doesn’t happen. How many people have had the same experience? Unrealised dreams? Untapped potential? A yearning never fulfilled? All because they looked at their lives and thought, maybe one day I will be ready? Maybe o

He Sent You

  Moses’ story is vast and complex and holds a wealth of treasures within it. The escape from genocide. The dance between mother and foster/adoptive mother. The tug of his family to his privilege and circumstance.   From murder and desertion. To wandering homeless. To marrying in to a new life.   To then returning to the scene of a crime. To being the leader that God appointed for the Exodus. To delegating and creating a structure in which to serve the community he led in to the desert, destined for the Promised Land.   Moses is a success story out of tragic beginnings. Death. Murder. Separation. Pain. Anguish. Loss. Injustice. Fear. His story is littered with negatives, but yet hope reigns and people are appointed to aid Moses’ survival.   Hope for change. Hope for freedom. Hope for new beginnings.   Moses story can encourage us all if we know what to look out for.   There is one part of his story that I want to encourage you