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Two Types of Mountains

I believe in the power of our words.  Whilst I am careful with what I say to others, there are times I can not curb the habit of saying merciless things to myself. We likely have all been there.  Something goes wrong and we destroy ourselves. We tear ourselves down. Reducing our self-esteem. Starting a new narrative which is unflattering. Making it hard for us to recover. To shake off the dirt. To shake off the words. Instead we are finding pieces of it weeks later in amongst the creases of our lives.  We may think we got it all?  Do our best to shake it out.  But somehow it stays. If we sit in the dirt of self deprecation, it gets everywhere. We insist it humbles us. Well I did. And we believe it’s part of the learning curve. Which I did. The truth is there is no mercy in it. And where there is no mercy, God is unheard. And where God is unheard, darkness creeps in. I sat in church one Sunday and as I listened to the speaker, I began to think of moving mountains. Matthew 17:20 "..

Good Multiplies Good

I am a firm believer that whatever you put out in to the world, multiplies.   Love multiplies love.   Kindness multiplies kindness.   Compassion multiplies compassion. Generosity multiplies generosity. And similarly. Hate multiples hate. Distrust multiplies distrust. Jealousy multiplies jealousy. Fear multiplies fear. And so on and so on... These are example of some instances that feed both positive and negative situations we have within our society. I believe that we cause ripples with our actions and reactions. And likewise we are affected by others choices and feelings.  A cross word at the local supermarket has the potential to influence the rest of your days interactions, much like a compliment or pleasing interaction can feed in to positive interactions later in the day. We have likely all heard the 'Tale of Two Wolves.' Some say it is a Native American story from the Cherokee tribe.  Others say it came from Billy Graham the evangelical preacher.  Even Irish playwright Ge