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Do I have a calling on my life?

  I am sure everyone, or at least a majority of us has typed something like, 'Do I have a calling?' in to our favourite search engine; hoping that it spits out something that can give direction, so you can, once and for all, have an answer to the question. I remember getting the text when I was in work. Amy had a friend who had become a Christian.  Her friend was worried because she didn’t feel like she had a calling, or at least couldn’t figure it out.  Her friend explained to Amy that it seemed every Christian had one or the thought was they should have one, and it was beginning to make the girl question whether she was good enough to be in church. It’s was a struggle that I could relate to but in the moment I was limited in how to helpfully respond because i was asking myself the same question. I often think about my Amy's friend.  Years have passed, experiences have happened and now I feel more prepared to provide a constructive answer. What is a calling?  For most peop

Living An Abundant Life?

  I have heard the statements from people of influence saying, ‘live the abundant life.’   The bible says it in John 10 v 10 so you know that this is something that is important, even to God. I believe living abundantly is hard wired in to our DNA.   We all have desires which are either stimulated by positive experiences, or extinguished with negative circumstances.   What is abundance? Abundance means different things to different people but really it all boils down to plentifulness.   Plentifulness is about having, 'a full supply,' and is identified as a way of providing or producing abundance. Over my years of collecting experiences, and wrinkles, I have changed my mind on what abundance is.    At first I thought it was the ability to have a need and not worry about budgeting, but simply go and get it.   I chased that idea for most of my adult life and never got to that position and felt like I had failed to live abundantly. Now I look at abundance differently.