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Finding My Voice As A Writer

I remember when it struck me. That little flame that came alight in a darkened room with people I was worshipping God with. I remember thinking of the enormity of the situation. I would write! I was immediately excited. And then concerned. I wasn't an  academic . I was forever controlling a stutter. I felt like I wasn't made for this [writing]. But yet, deep down inside i knew something would come. God knows things we do not. Years passed. I tried and failed. And to be honest, it was all pretty poor at the beginning. It took time. I want anyone reading this to know it is ok if it doesn't come easy.   That doesn't mean that your talent wont rise to the surface.  That doesn't mean you don't have something to share or will create something that will change a life. In my story, although the dream was born. it took one night years later before the pieces started to fall into place. After a devastating turn of events I was left a wash. I didn't know where to turn