Getting Social

Where To Connect With The Encouragers Life

I love to connect with others and if you would like to connect with me and our mission, you can do so through our social media platforms.


The Encouragers Life Instagram ScreenShot

Our Facebook originally started off as I am Me Movement and then pivoted to focus our mission, and to become more effective in sharing our message, in 2021.  Click here to visit The Encouragers Life page.  


The Encouragers Life Instagram Name Tag

The Instagram page originally started out as @iammemovementjb and then was able to pivot with the other platform  in 2021.  Feel free to check us out by clicking here or use the the nametag image above to visit The Encouragers Life page.


the encouragers life email

 The direct email address is  Do be aware of filters that may hide your email, so if you haven't heard back from me, please do feel free to follow up via social media platforms.  You can email  me about many things like sharing your story, or enquiring about booking me for speaking engagements, etc.  


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