He is Risen

Picture of Jesus' tomb with the stone rolled away.

The Resurrection is the ultimate come back story!

If you feel it's over think of this story.

He was dead.
You can't get any lower than that.

But then, He was alive!

What a demonstration of, 'it ain't over.'

What an example of just when you think it's all done there is a new beginning happening.

What a shake.
A stake.
A penultimate revival of hope and dreams.

This is why people follow Jesus.
This is why I do.

Because He is the way.

A way to a full life.
A life that throws down the negative.
A life that overcomes.
Builds up.
Resurrects when death is there.

He is a hand to hold.
An anchor in the storm.
And solid ground to walk on.

All because he went to the cross.
Died to reset the balance.
And then rose again.


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 Musing written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2023

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