Favour vs Smarts


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“I don’t have a large vocabulary and I don’t enjoy it when people use jargon, but for what I lack, I make up for it in other ways.”

As those words left my lips my heart sank as I came to the realisation that I had blown the interview.

I effectively called myself dumb.

I held it together for the rest of the interview, pretending like I hadn’t just sabotaged my opportunity for a great position.  I was determined to save the feelings of anger and frustration for the car ride home.

The panel of interviewers were kind and accommodating, laughing at my jokes as I tried to salvage what was left of the meeting. 

The fact they laughed was substantial proof to my husband that I am in fact funny.


When I got home I had lost all hope that things were going to pan out.

This was my chance at a change.

I had no other interviews or prospects in play.

And I felt like I had let this slip through my fingers.


When the phone went, a day earlier than expected, I couldn’t believe what I heard from the voice on the other line.

“The Department head loved you.  We would like to offer you the position.”

It turns out I found favour in a room of esteemed professionals.

I don’t fully understand why it happened.

I don’t understand how it happened.

But it happened.

All because they saw something in me , a character, that got them excited.


After starting the new position my interview did come up a few times and it was interesting to hear from the people at the other side of the interview table.  For what I thought was a bad interview, they only had good things to say.

They talked about my wit.

My posture of determination.

The resilience I had demonstrated in other posts.

They said they just knew.

In this day and age when qualifications are plentiful and you would think that the more you have, the better chances you would have in your career, in my circumstance it was trumped by something different.


I like to think I am where I am because I am meant to be there.

It’s not luck.

It’s not a coincidence.


It’s because we are built a certain way to connect with others.

It’s because our dynamic make up.

Whether that be you are a hard worker.

Or like to solve problems.

Whether you excel at design and aesthetics.

Or you have passion for an industry.

Our makeup, honed and embraced, can find favour in the right rooms, with the right people to implement change and progression in our work and careers.


We can have a list of experience, given time.

And qualifications if you are academically inclined.

But there is a lot to be said for finding favour in the sight of others.

If you stand out amongst a crowd you are blessed, interesting and have a lot to offer those you work with.


Favour can take you places that smarts can’t.

Favour can build relationships and connections that qualifications wont.

Favour highlights what is interesting about you and demonstrates that the people in the room value you.

Favour pushes aside normality for out of the ordinary.


True favour can’t be bought, traded or learned.

It is about the heart of a person connecting with others.

It’s about spending time learning your strengths and realising that you are prized.

For most of us, thinking that we are great and good and important can be uncomfortable.

People may even shrug it off our belittle themselves abecasue on some level they cant believe that they are awesome.

The truth is that each of us possess a little bit of treasure.

Each of us holds something that is similar to others, so we can connect, but also unique so we can challenge the norms.

So we can improve our societies.

So we can champion those who feel silenced and yet you speak of your vulnerability in a way that empowers others.


Favour comes because of your walk.

Because you believe in something greater.

Because you have a purpose in this world.

And nothing will hold you back from it, regardless of how comfortable or uncomfortable you find yourself.


I recently sat in a room with people who were smarter than me.

I can say that with no doubt.

I could not shake my nose hair without hitting someone with a degree or PhD.

The words that they came out with caused me to long for my dictionary if only I could have spelt the words.


I sat there, side eying the exit like an escape pod.

Self -soothing by placing my thumb under my chin and my fore finger over my lips.

At one point I started rubbing my ear. 

I was losing it.


The environment struck insecurity into my heart but suddenly a message popped in to my head. 

I was invited in to the room.


I wasn’t there by accident.

I wasn’t a gate crasher.

I was invited.


It dawned on me that I was here for a reason.

I belonged in the room.

Just like them.


We can be intimidated by others whose academia pours out in every way imaginable.

How they dress.

How they speak.

Their title.

They share where they were educated and how well they did.

But they sit in the same rooms as the favoured characters.


The characters that have a dream.

That have a passion to do good things.

The individuals who are determined to learn, grow and connect with others.

The characters that value their investment and give themselves fully and truly to a job, position or goal that they have been entrusted with.

People like you.


I want to encourage you today that you are going to be in situations where you feel like you don’t fit.

That you feel like you aren’t good enough to be in the room.

The thing is… you are good enough.

The fact that you are there is proof.


Your experiences.




Ability to connect.

And drive.

All make a difference to the audiences you find yourself in.


So if you ever feel like you aren’t meant to be where you are placed remember that, if you were invited, and the event aligns with what you are looking to achieve, you are meant to be there.

You belong.

You have a lot to offer.

You will find favour.

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 Article written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2023

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