Day of Prayer

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I put together The Encouragers Life because I wanted to connect with people like me.  I wanted them to feel like they had someone who understood on some level the pain, confusion and desperation they felt when life became chaotic.

I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to choose to connect with me whether they were of my faith or not.  

Doing a Day of Prayer event was risky.  
I ran the risk of alienating people.  
I ran the risk of having people unfollow.  

I can imagine its out of several different emotions.  

I can assume its because they have had a bad experience with the church, God or a Christian or two.  

I can guess its from a thought or feeling that you have to be perfect to pray and so it heaps pressure on people and so they stay away.

The fact is, I can only guess why the people from The Encouragers Life community would have felt that way, but I wanted to take this week to talk about it a little.  

Hopefully everyone indulges me.

When you hear the word prayer you might think of candles and dark rooms.  

You may think of a festival like Christmas or Easter.  

You may think it is about praying prayers that are long and involve words with 10 syllables. 

For some its likely that prayer is seen as a unreachable task.

They may feel like they have no business being involved with prayer.

Prayer changed my life

For me, prayer is about remembrance.  

I remember the sick, lonely, forgotten.  
I remember the issue I had that was fixed.  

I don't pray for hours on end.  
I don't use big words.  
I am not even a perfect person but yet I pray.

How do I pray?

I mean the words that I say.  

I take a moment to concentrate on the thing I am going to remember and then I talk to Him like I would talk to you if you were facing me.  

I don't use filler words.  
I take pauses when I have nothing left to say.  
I wait to see if there is anything else to be said and then I thank God for it.

Prayer changed my life.  
It changed how I saw things.  
It changed how I saw people.
How I cared for others.
How I loved.

Prayer made me hungry to encourage.  

It opened a new and magnificent world to me and of course if I find something good, I will share it with you.

If you followed the Day of Prayer I hope that you enjoyed it.  

I hope my resources helped guide you through the day.  

If you held back not thinking it was for you because you don't go to church, or you aren't as spiritual as us Christians, remember that it was for you too.  

No matter your condition.
No matter your stage in life.
No matter who or where you come from.
The past doesn't even matter.
The Day of Prayer is for everybody.
Everybody that is interested in coming along on my adventure or inviting me on theirs.

And the great thing is you can do it anytime.

As I mentioned, I have a guide that I can send you.

You can let me know if you would like one in two ways.

1. Send an email to quoting 'DoP'
2. Go to the home page and use the contact form quoting 'DoP'

Each of these options sign you up to our list and we will send you this along with any freebies that our members receive.

Have a great day.

If you need support do reach out to someone or an organisation that can help.  If you would like to share your story or contact me please feel free to private message me on our Facebook page or on Instagram.  You can also email me using address.  Be sure to check out our next article here on ‘The Encouragers Life.’


Article written by J. Bingham

Copyright 2021

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